Sunday, November 20, 2011

PKOV Much Ado about London and Rome: last day

Oh noes! The last day of my awesome European vacation! Well, we didn't waste it, that's for sure! In the morning we went to the Villa Borghese, which was the gallery that my cousin REALLY wanted to see in Rome. She's already been to Rome, so this was pretty much the only thing on her to-do/see list. The park was nice and nearly empty in the morning. Sadly I couldn't take pictures once inside the gallery, but you're just going to have to take my word that it's pretty awesome. The collection is amazing. This is where I discovered my love for Bernini's work. Apollo and Daphne? The Rape of Proserpina? Wow.

Afterwards, my cousin wasn't feeling well, so it was pretty much me exploring the Colosseum while my cousin sat somewhere. She was well enough to walk around the Palatine/Roman Forums at least. Then, as a spur of the moment, we decided to go to the Bocca della Verita, the Mouth of Truth. Much love to Roman Holiday!! Alas, my cousin has the shot (1 picture per person damnit). We almost didn't get to take a picture because it was almost closing time and there was a pretty long line. After a quick walk around the church (yes, it's more than just a face with a gaping mouth that you stick your hand in. The Mouth is in front of the entrance to a church).

And so, we had our last dinner in Italy. And gelato. Never forget the gelato.

San Crispino's is recommended in Fodor's travel guide and has very good reviews if the several newspaper clippings in the store are to be believed. Anyway, I LOVED this place. The workers were trying to make conversation to some Koreans who were ahead of us. The worker greeted the kid correctly, but then started mixing Japanese phrases which made me giggle inside. It made me realize they must get so many tourists that they pick up various phrases in all these languages. Stingy that they don't allow samples, but I guess if you're the best you could do what you want. My last gelato in Rome was a mix of plum and yogurt. Plum gelato. How awesome is that?!

Well, the next day, my cousin and I parted ways: her to Las Vegas, me back to Japan. I had a short layover in Frankfurt and another one in Beijing that was a close call. For some reason, the worker in the airport sent my luggage to Beijing. But because of my flight times it made it really complicated. I had to figure out how to check-in my luggage, then re-check myself in (security and all) and get into my damn plane. It involved changing terminals, asking dozens of workers where the hell to go, and a lot of running. Damn, I'm getting angry just thinking of that time. Ugh. That airport and I did not get along. Well, obviously I made it in time and made it back to Japan safe and sound. And jet-lagged. I stayed up the whole night after returning home.

That pretty much sums up my trip to London and Rome. If given the chance, I'd like to see other cities in Italy (perhaps the more northern ones like Florence or Venice). I'd go back to London in a heartbeat.

I feel guilty about blogging about Rome and London, in a blog I set up for my experience in Japan, but well, this trip happened *while* living in Japan, so to me it counts. So there. Sayonara Europe-related posts, and welcome back Peachy Keen in *Japan*.

Wait I lied. Goody of the day: 

Hot dog in Frankfurt. Come on, I *had* to. I've been craving a decent hot dog since, forever so this hit the spot. Damn, now I'm hungry.

Okay, *now* back to Japan.


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