Saturday, November 5, 2011

Castles and Diabetes in a bucket

Today I went with a couple of JETs to Bitchu-Takahashi to see Matsuyama Castle, the highest castle in Japan and one of the original 12 castles in Japan still standing. Although it was raining a bit, it was really warm and the hike made us work up a sweat (which was kind of gross in the rainy, kinda muggy weather). The view from above made it worth it.

As much as I'd like to say that I did this for the sake of seeing more of Japanese culture, I admit my true intention was something totally different. In Bitchu-Takahashi there is a cute little restaurant called Chateau. Although their food is tasty, what makes this place stand out is their parfaits. Now if you have a whole bunch of parfait-loving friends, you can get one of their bucket parfaits. The one we ordered (there was 10 of us in the end, the other 7-8 people bailed out) was the smallest one of their bucket sizes. The larger one has this one in a BIGGER bucket filled with sugary death.

This parfait is NOT a lie

Let's see if I can remember what was in this monstrosity: a whole pineapple, several waffle cones with ice cream, kiwi, oranges, peachespp, sherbet, apples, crepes, chestnut, matcha, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, mochi, azuki beans, corn flakes, baumkuchen, oh and of course Pooh-san (which was also ice-cream). Chateau even has a challenge for their parfaits. If you eat one of their less daunting parfaits under a certain time limit you get that parfait for free.

...I made sure to eat light prior to this. The result?

The carnage...

So don't let *anyone* tell you that Japan has *just* small portions and is very healthy. *That* cake is a lie.


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