Friday, November 4, 2011

PKOV: Much Ado About London and Rome Day 10

Ha, this day was an...interesting day.

Today was the day we decided to take a day trip to Tivoli to see the Villa D'Este. The day we went, August 15 just happened to be a holiday, Ferragosto or Assumption Day. Italians take their vacations seriously, because honestly it was almost a ghost town when walking around Tivoli. Thankfully, the villa was open as were some restaurants so it wasn't like we were stranded or anything.

To think that someone can live in place like Villa D'Este boggles my mind.

Comes with crazy fountains and a water organ! Buy this villa today!

The villa was so awesome we wanted to try and see Villa D'Adriana as well. Little did we know at the time that Adriana is a bit aways from D'Este, let alone Tivoli center, so we walked around the town following signs to Adriana FOR NOTHING. Definitely tiring/frustrating since we had to time our return trip back correctly since apparently almost EVERYTHING closes down on holidays >_>

After heading back (which was a bit of a headache. Kind of happens when the 2 languages you speak aren't the main languages in the country you're visiting), we grabbed dinner and walked around St. Peter's Basilica

This day wasn't a total waste. How can it be: I was in Italy! The lesson I took from this is if you ever plan to do a day trip outside Rome, make sure it's not a holiday.

Tasty of the day: starting off the day Italian style with a  Mocaccino. aww yeaaaah


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