Sunday, August 28, 2011

PKOV: Much Ado about London and Rome - Day 3

Today was the day we decided to hit Kensington Palace for the Enchanted Palace exhibition. Since the District and Circle lines were going under maintenance in that area, we decided to just walk it from Earl's Court.

I liked the Enchanted Palace exhibition. It had that eerie, fantasy setting. It reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Mirror Mask, even the poems in the rooms written by Mercedes Kemp reminded me of one of Gaiman's short stories. Afterwards we went towards the Orangery to have our very first afternoon tea. Let me tell you, it wouldn't be our last.

I will never eat a scone outside London again. It was so good.

Afterwards, my cousin and I indulged our geeky sides and found Forbidden Planet in Soho, then went to Leicester Square and watched the last Harry Potter film. What? I still haven't seen it at the time. DON'T JUDGE ME. I really liked it too!

Man, if it weren't for that whole, watch-your-weight thing, I'd SO have afternoon tea. Every day.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

PKOV: Much Ado about London and Rome - Day 2

The day started with my cousin and I finding this right outside Earl's Court station:

As far as I was concerned, that was it, I could go home happy. 

Of course that wasn't the case, so I continued my adventure by going to Buckingham Palace and seeing the State Rooms. We didn't know the tickets were timed, so we decided to go to the British Museum and kill time there before our scheduled tour at the Palace.

The Rosetta Stone. Pretty much the reason why I wanted to go the museum in the first place.

After eating at a pub on the road to the Palace, we headed over. It started to rain pretty hard while waiting, but we eventually headed in. Damn, the weather in London is as fickle as it is in Japan! Anyhoo, the State Rooms was...amazing. Everything you imagine of royalty and those big fancy rooms? Yeah, that's what the rooms look like. I can't even imagine living in a place like that. And the crazy thing is we were only looking at just a *portion* of the state rooms. I have to say while walking around I kept imagining myself as a princess or something and prancing around in a princess-y dress. DON'T JUDGE ME!

Afterwards we ended up walking past Hyde Park. Since we were sick and had a pretty full day we called it an early night and watched some British TV.

I shall leave you with my fav (one of them anyway) things in the world: FOOD.

Vegetarian Falafel Burger @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I thought it would just be a normal dish, but alas it was still a burger. REALLY good though.

Peachy Keen on Vacation: Much Ado About London and Rome

Day 1 August 6:
It started off as a joke.

Cousin FB post: who wants to go to London to watch Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant?
Me reply: I DO!
Cousin reply: ...I was joking
Me reply: I WASN`T
Cousin: you want to?
Me: yeah!
Cousin: ...ok.

And that`s what brought me here...

We didn`t really have a set plan, so today we started off just bumbling around Westminster. We got to see: [pics of parliament, big ben, beiber freaks, rode the london eye (which was really slow) westminster abbey, yorkshire pudding]

 Parliament and Big Ben!

 Rode the London Eye! Which was really slow!

Saw a bunch of Bieber freaks fans try to spell something!

Westminster Abbey!

My first British meal, Yorkshire Pudding! (never again)

Despite London`s summer weather (warmest my Californian ass) and a cold, it wasn`t a bad start to the trip.

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