Sunday, August 28, 2011

PKOV: Much Ado about London and Rome - Day 3

Today was the day we decided to hit Kensington Palace for the Enchanted Palace exhibition. Since the District and Circle lines were going under maintenance in that area, we decided to just walk it from Earl's Court.

I liked the Enchanted Palace exhibition. It had that eerie, fantasy setting. It reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Mirror Mask, even the poems in the rooms written by Mercedes Kemp reminded me of one of Gaiman's short stories. Afterwards we went towards the Orangery to have our very first afternoon tea. Let me tell you, it wouldn't be our last.

I will never eat a scone outside London again. It was so good.

Afterwards, my cousin and I indulged our geeky sides and found Forbidden Planet in Soho, then went to Leicester Square and watched the last Harry Potter film. What? I still haven't seen it at the time. DON'T JUDGE ME. I really liked it too!

Man, if it weren't for that whole, watch-your-weight thing, I'd SO have afternoon tea. Every day.


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