Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peachy Keen on Vacation: Much Ado About London and Rome

Day 1 August 6:
It started off as a joke.

Cousin FB post: who wants to go to London to watch Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant?
Me reply: I DO!
Cousin reply: ...I was joking
Me reply: I WASN`T
Cousin: you want to?
Me: yeah!
Cousin: ...ok.

And that`s what brought me here...

We didn`t really have a set plan, so today we started off just bumbling around Westminster. We got to see: [pics of parliament, big ben, beiber freaks, rode the london eye (which was really slow) westminster abbey, yorkshire pudding]

 Parliament and Big Ben!

 Rode the London Eye! Which was really slow!

Saw a bunch of Bieber freaks fans try to spell something!

Westminster Abbey!

My first British meal, Yorkshire Pudding! (never again)

Despite London`s summer weather (warmest my Californian ass) and a cold, it wasn`t a bad start to the trip.


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