Sunday, November 13, 2011

PKOV Much Ado About London and Rome: Day 12

The highlight of my trip: the day tour of the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii!! Typical American that I am, I am ashamed to admit I didn't know anything about these 2 amazing places. My very generalized summary/thoughts?

-If you ever want that vacation house by the ocean, Amalfi Coast would be the place.
-Amalfi Coast: famous for linen, fashion (the town of Positano), and home of limoncello (the hardest lemonade you'll ever have in your life)
-I want to live in the Amalfi Coast.
-Pompeii: lolz at the penis markers pointing the way to the brothels
-Damn those Pompeiians sure were smart. So many things we use in our everyday lives *they* thought of. That's CRAZY.
-Pompeii was the first party town (suck it Vegas!)

The tour was through Viator and it was one of those small, 10 person tours. We just winded our way through the coast in a little van. Our guide was awesome: funny, nice, and knew his stuff. During the trip through the coast he would point out which star has what villa. He mentioned Bill Gates, Denzel Washington and a couple more stars.

I need to marry a rich man. Right now.

After seeing the coast, I thought Pompeii would be dull in comparison. I mean, it's just ruins now right? Well I think if it weren't for our guide, it would've been, but Gaetano was so awesome (and his accent so epic) that I had a blast. I wanted to hear everything and I became really fascinated with the doomed city. I think what really made the tour work for me was how casual the tour was. Gaetano didn't speak like he was reading off a textbook; he spoke naturally and effortlessly without sounding like he's done this thousand of times (which he has probably did). He made the history come to life. Bravo for Viator for this tour!

Geek Alert!

Okay, there's another reason why Pompeii was so awesome. But I didn't know about this until *after* my trip. So my awesome guide, Gaetano, is apparently so awesome that he was the one who gave David Tennant a tour around Pompeii while he was shooting 'Fires of Pompeii' for Doctor Who. My brain pretty much broke after discovering this. After all, this whole trip started *because* my cousin wanted to see that man in Much Ado About Nothing. What can I say? It was fate.

After returning to Rome, our night was free so we just had dinner (an amazing Caesar salad) and possibly the best gelato ever at St. Crispin Gelato. Seriously if you go to Rome that's the place to go.

And so I leave you with a video of my Pompeii tour guide, Gaetano with David Tennant. He definitely didn't look like that when I met him (for one thing he has hair in this video), but his voice is unmistakable. 

There's a better and longer version which could be found on Youtube as well.

Oh! and tasty of the day: Mocaccino, which I guess can be a cafe mocha for us.


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