Friday, April 1, 2011

♪I need a change~♪

Argh, apologize in advance on how out of order this blog is. I'll (eventually) blog about my spring vacation, but for now I just wanted to talk about the 'changing of the guards' so to speak that's been happening all over the Japanese workforce. It's called 人事異動 (jin-ji-i-dou) and it's pretty much when new employees come in and the regulars are rotated to a different position, department, or in a teacher's case, a different school altogether. Apparently they do it to keep the employees "on their toes" and gives people to go up the ladder. Or down. >_> For example, the principal from my middle school is now head of the Education department in City Hall.

I knew about this for a while now, but for the past couple of days it was really evident: employees in the education division were cleaning their desks, and today I was bowing to a whole bunch of new people, including a new supervisor (which sucks because I REALLY liked my previous one, she was SO sweet). It felt like the first day all over again when I was greeting and giving self-intros left and right.

Pretty interesting, since well America definitely doesn't do that. The only transfer you do is A) when you specifically request it or B) you're getting transfered home because you're getting FIRED. Man, Japanese employees must be the most well-rounded workers ever. Then again, if they suck in that position then they're kinda stuck there for the next couple of years.

Yay for Japanese work culture shock!


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