Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Friends

Today I spent the day with Mariko in Okayama City. We wanted to spend a couple of days in Kyoto/Osaka, but because of the last minute hotel booking and the mass exodus to the Kansai area due to the earthquake, we couldn't find a place for the 20th. We ate lunch at The Market, a cute little shop that sells *actual* sandwiches. Not the sandwich stuff you find in the conbini. Like, Panera/deli type sandwiches. Mariko was happy with it so that made me happy.

It was so weird to see her in Japan. To think that over a year ago we were in Panera Bread talking about hopefully meeting up in Japan. I just wish it was under better circumstances. She's going back to the US on Tuesday and it doesn't look like she's coming back. I don't really blame her. These past few weeks has been crazy. I'm just glad she got out of Saitama safely.

I wish I can see the others as well, especially my friends who are studying abroad. I just found out one of them had to leave Yokohoma today! Perfectly understandable of course, but I know how much my friends wanted to come here and the work they put in to doing that. 


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