Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Flashbacks: Kobe Luminarie

Japan looooves pretty bright twinkling lights. In the US, families light up their own homes with outside lights for the holidays, but in Japan cities tend to make it an event (Honestly, I think its just another reason for them to make a festival and eat awesome festival food!). Some of the more famous ones are in the Tokyo area, like Shinjuku and Ginza which I've seen during my first trip to Japan in college. Last year, my fellow Peach girls decided to see what the 'west' side was up to and went to Kobe's Luminarie.

Ever wanted to know how being in a herd feels like?

Man, I think we were literally herded around central Kobe for nearly the whole time, but it spread out a bit once you saw the illuminations.

So, is it worth going to see? Sure, why not. I probably wouldn't go twice though. If you're not a fan of herd-like crowds and the cold, then maybe you might want to just catch some pictures on Flickr, but despite that I think it's nice to see at least once.

Until next time!

Would *I* be the FOB in this case...?


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