Saturday, November 3, 2012 Jur--Mt. Takatsuma Park

I never considered myself a hiking kind of girl. Sure, when I was a kid my family went camping over the summer, but I never did anything more than that especially when I got older and discovered the internet. Then, I climbed Mt. Fuji and I thought it was *awesome*. I guess it also helped that Japan is just a beautiful country and would inspire anyone to go for walks and take in the scenery. So, I was happy when I was invited to go with some of the Ibara English conversation students and hike a small mountain in Yakage, the next big town over. 

It really was a fun hike and the weather was beautiful for it. There was a clearing where we busted out the bento lunches (man did they pack a lot of food! I think us foreigners just packed onigiri/sandwiches from the conbini!). During the hike we looked down on a camping area and thought we even spotted a farm (well we heard the cows).

Not at the top, but whatever

Ah, I loooove 紅葉 (kouyou)

We all went our separate ways in Ibara, though some of the students came to my apartment and dropped off some Japanese sweet potatoes (さつまいも) and konnyaku (こんにゃく, a jelly made from devil's tongue) that they had at home. Man, the perks of living in the inaka!

Yummy shot of the day:



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