Saturday, October 1, 2011

PKOV: Much Ado About London and Rome Day 6 & 7

And so here is the wrap-up of my week in London. Day 6 and 7 was more last minute shopping, geek stuff and of course, the reason why we had this trip in the first place: Much Ado About Nothing. Day 6 was spent in the National Portrait Gallery, the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Beatles Store. Honestly, having the Beatles store next to the Holmes museum was a bad idea. Well for me anyway.

We didn't really have any plans this night, so in the afternoon we bought tickets to Pygmalion. My cousin and I are huge fans of My Fair Lady (AUDREY I LOVE YOU), plus Rupert Everett as Mr. Higgins was too good to pass up. And yes, the play was amazing, though I didn't know about the ending. I suppose I'm happy since Mr. Higgins is a douche and kind of deserves it, but at the same time I did like Eliza and him together.

Day 7 was spent trying to get decent pictures of us crossing Abbey Road and geeking out in the Doctor Who Experience. It was nice to go to the exhibit as someone who used to watch the show. Although after seeing the stuff and getting hints of what I've been missing I have jumped back on the Doctor Who bandwagon. I honestly expected Abbey Road to be a bit wider and I felt bad that there was so many of us tourists trying to get this damn shot while drivers were just trying to go by. In the afternoon my cousin wasn't feeling so well so while she napped I went back to Picadilly Circus and shopped at one of my fav expensive designers: Desigual. At least they were having a sale. Anyway, we met up in West End to what we were waiting for all week: Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Oh. My. God. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I loved how the play was set in the 80's. Drooled a bit with seeing men in uniform (especially Tennant). Oh, and hearing Tennant in his Scottish accent? YES PLEASE. Sadly, at the end we weren't able to get a picture with Tennant or Tate, let alone an autograph. We didn't know where to go to see them ^^;;

And so ends my trip in London. I love London. Money permitting, I would go back in a heartbeat and stuff myself with scones and clotted cream, explore more of England, watch more plays...the list goes on.

Tasty of the day: Fish and chips. Of course.

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